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Fitness and Health, It’s All Fiber!

Fitness and healthy eating go hand in hand. If you want good digestion and a fast metabolism you need fibre and water in your diet. These are necessary for proper body function, as poor food choices will lead to body tissue breakdown. This will also increase fat levels in your body which we don’t want.Fibre comes in both soluble and insoluble.Insoluble fibre is healthy for us as it gives us regular bowel movements removing toxic waste while preventing constipation and colon cancer. It prevents cancer-producing substances by keeping an optimal pH balance in our intestines.Insoluble fibre is found in dark leafy green vegetables, fruits, root vegetables (skins), whole wheat, nuts and seeds.

Soluble fibre reduces risks of heart disease and regulates blood sugar by lowering cholesterol especially bad cholesterol (LDL).Soluble fibre helps to have sugar released and absorbed slowly by attaching to fatty acids slowing down the time to empty our stomachs. Soluble fibre is found in oats, nuts, flax seed, oranges, apples, carrots and dried beans.A lifestyle with a proper healthy diet and regular exercise is a goal we should all have. To attain this goal we will need to reach a certain fitness level.The more fit we are the more we will understand the need to eat healthy. It really is a mind set for us to obtain. Healthy eating and proper exercise is a lifestyle we will not want to change.Getting fibre into your diet contributing to your fitness level can be done in the following ways.1. Drink three litres of distilled water when possible every day as it purifies and cleans the systems in your body. Distilled water is the water of choice as it is most pure and clean.2. Eat any fruit and lots of it. As mentioned, fruit is a source of both soluble and insoluble fibre keeping you regular while lowering bad cholesterol.

3. Vegetables also contain both soluble and insoluble fibre so do what your mother told you and eat as many vegetables as possible.4. Whole grains are a must so get plenty of them in your diet. Stay away from sweets and beat those cravings by eating kamut, spelt, whole wheat and oat bran.5. Drink lots of natural fruit and vegetable juices and herbal teas.By eating healthy and exercising every day using the tips in this article you will be fit and healthy quicker and you lifestyle will change for the better before your eyes.